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  • Enemies – Scott Galloway. I’ve generally enjoyed Scott’s blog posts, and this one was no exception. My one qualm with his posts has been the occasional deft use of misleading visualizations – a personal affront to me, as a data scientist.
  • (Quirky) Roadmap for New Grad Data Scientists – Yuan Meng. This is easily the most comprehensive and helpful blog post I’ve ever read about the data science interview process and what materials you might want to use to prepare.


  • MEGA Smarties rolls. This is a quick tip for the type 1 diabetics out there looking for a cheap and easy candy to keep on hand for hypoglycemia. 19 candies * 24 rolls = 456 candies, for $29 that’s 6 cents per candy (3g of fast-acting carbs). Compare that to 12 cents per 3g of “glucose tablets” that you might find elsewhere (marketed at diabetics), the smarties are an absolute no brainer.
  • Cressi F1 snorkeling mask. A recent trip to Cozumel, one of the best snorkeling and scuba diving destinations in the world, reignited my interest in snorkeling and freediving. Instead of using a cheap rental mask on future trips, I picked up this solid $30 alternative.

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5 responses to “Walker Weekly – #1”

  1. Michael Noteboom Avatar
    Michael Noteboom

    MEGA Smarties rolls will be at every future get together.

    1. Walker Avatar

      Thanks Mike, it means a lot to know that you care about me not dying.

  2. ryan7092efdb5f5 Avatar

    Walker is wicked smaht

    1. Walker Avatar

      Hey are you Ryan Millan, CPA? I’ve been looking for a new accountant… Maybe I’ll check out https://millancpa.com/ and see what they can do for me. (This is not spam but a wholehearted endorsement of millancpa services.)

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